Our Premier Partners

See below for a list of our current Premier Partners. Each company name is clickable to an information page. If you are interested in becoming our next Premier Partner, you can learn about our program and benefits by clicking here.

Author Fulfillment Services

Author Fulfillment Services


Authors – have your behind the scenes production, warehousing and shipping of your physical information products handled so you can focus on marketing and product creation. For more details, click here »

The Book Shepherd

The Book Shepherd


The Book Shepherd delivers Practical Advice, Strategies and Resources for Authors and Books. Dr. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd. To get full details of The Book Shepherd’s services, click here »

CloudNet 360

CloudNet 360


If you have a business that never stops moving, then you need a business system that never stops progressing. To get full details of CloudNet 360 services, click here »

Color House Graphics

Color House Graphics, Inc.


Every author needs a printing partner to bind and create their book to the vision and specs he wants. Color House Graphics is your partner. To get full details of Color House Graphics services, click here »

Cornerstone Virtual Assistance

Cornerstone Virtual Assistance


The perfect remote eyes and hands that every author needs. Kelly Johnson knows computers, gadgets, technology and “gets” how authors need to communicate online and in print. To get full details of Cornerstone Virtual Assistance services, click here »

John Maling

Editing and Indexing by John


Every author needs an editor. Some authors need an Index—you get both under one roof. To get full details of Editing by John services, click here »




Friesens manufactures books for publishers all across North America specializing in full color hard and soft cover books offering a full range of prepress services, printing and many types of binding options. To get full details of Friesens Book Manufacturer services, click here »

NGNG Enterprises

NGNG Enterprises (Website & Internet Marketing Services)


Creating powerful websites and online business and marketing strategies is what Amber Ludwig and her team does. To get full details of NGNG Enterprises services,
click here »

NZ Graphics

NZ Graphics


Nick Zelinger creates book covers and interior designs that are customized for each author in a fast and flexible of ideas and concepts that will create the perfect book. Multi awarded interior and cover designer. To get full details of NZ Graphics services, click here »

Pen & Sword

Pen & Sword Writing Coaches


A Writing Coach Can Save You a Bundle—Pen & Sword edits and can teach you to write. To get full details of Pen & Sword Writing Coaches services, click here »




Thomson Shore



Helping you put your best book forward is what Thomson-Shore is all about. They create better book manufacturing solutions for authors from 200 or 50,000 copies. To get full details of Thomson-Shore services, click here »

Total Printing Services

Total Printing Systems


ARCs and short print runs of up to 1,000 copies are a specialty of Total Printing Systems PLUS we can manufacture just about any trim size with little waste and offer some of the most competitive prices available. To get full details of Total Printing Systems services, click here »


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