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Open Microphone Q&A
on Book Marketing with Brian Jud

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 - View Video

Get a fast start marketing your books in 2012. Ask Brian questions about what you can do to increase your sales quickly and build an unstoppable book-marketing machine for more revenue all year long. Brian will start with a few general tips and then open the microphones for you to ask your questions. During the Q&A session you will discover practical, quick tips for increasing the volume and velocity of your sales and profits. And we’ll include a few maverick-marketing ideas that will keep you ahead of the competition for years to come.

Shaking It Online … Make a Living with Your eBooks

 Wed, July 31, 2011 - View Video

Have you ever wondered how people make a living with their eBooks? That’s what “Shaking it online” is all about. You will learn some of the most powerful and effective tools online.

We will show you how:

  • To make online retailers market for you.
  •  To use Goodreads and other social media platforms.
  •  “Free” might be able to work for you.
  •  To Talk about your backlist and how to use it.
  • To connect with bloggers.
  • And a few free online tools you can use to create stunning splash pages and HTML emails.

Your presenter is Nick Taylor, President of Darkfire Productions.

Want Sponsors  Everything You Want to Know To Get OPM to Support Your Book and Platform

Wed, Dec 7, 2011 


Wed, Nov 30, 2011 – View Video 

Masters of Book Marketing Summit
Sponsored by St. Louis Publishers Association

Most seminars tell you how to sell books in general. We’ll show you how to sell your books to buyers who want to buy them.

  • Invest in your future. One idea could turn your investment into a thriving, profitable business.
  • Get tips for selling your books –not just books like yours. Judith, Brian and Dan are skilled in their respective specialties. You can talk with them to discover new ways to sell your particular book-not just books like yours.
  • Book Marketing with the Masters events are “heavy-content” with personal interaction … get more ideas in one day than you ever thought possible

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